The Wind Silently Swings Time From Sunrise to Sunset in a Constant Pattern︎                                           


︎ Onion Optics; Ten Types of Tears, single channel digital video loop, 2018

︎Cake Moderator, coding performance, 2018

︎Portals, single channel digital video, 2 minutes, 2018

︎Random Memories, generative adversarial networks experiment, digital video, 3 minutes, 2019

︎Analog Airdrop, single channel video, 1 minute, 2019

︎Scribble, neon sculpture design commissioned by the Phi Foundation, 2016

︎ No News From New York, two-channel digital video installation, 2 minutes, 2019

︎Anxiety Archive Stone Garden, reading room installation and website design in collaboration with Nicholas Weltyk, 2019

Orysia Zabeida is a designer
based in New New Haven York