Facebook likes can predict a person’s sexual orientation and Twitter message lengths can hint at your education level. In this project, I was curious to explore what your Instagram color palette could say about you. Whether you meticulously control your Instagram posts or spontaneously snap and share your pictures, they reveal who you are, what you like and what you notice in our world. This sporadic but regular flow of images contains gazillions of pixels of color and color is the mother tongue of the subconscious.

This project aims to create a concise one-word description of your personality using color psychology applied to your Instagram feed palette. Each photograph is converted into a square of color using hue predominance. The overall palette of the feed is then reevaluated using HSL to determine your key characteristics.

Using the Instagram API to get access to a user’s feed and ColorThief, a javascript library that analyzes the dominant colors of a picture, Instacolor makes a prediction about a user’s personality by associating the most dominant color of their feed and that color’s meaning as per color psychology. Unfortunately, as of June 2017, Instagram changed its user data API and privacy settings and the interactive website is no longer functional.